Seatwave iOS app v1.0.3

Our latest iPhone app version launched today. In it, we tackle the data challenge, an inherent problem in moving from a web to a mobile platform. We want our users to have a comprehensive listing of tickets visible on our application, but without waiting too long for our application to launch. The mobile environment limits multitasking and places a premium on speed. We tried a new merchandising strategy emphasizing our top selling events on our iPhone homepage. We also extended our application’s backwards compatibility so that it works on older versions of iOS.

The second change is something that rewards our users in the long run. We are now collecting feedback. We can only continue to improve our user experience if we understand their problems. So today we have integrated Flurry, an analytics and tracking SDK to help us understand how users are interacting with our mobile app.

We evaluated several SDKs before choosing Flurry. We looked at Admob and Apsalar in detail as well. Ultimately we decided to implement Flurry because it was the least intrusive on our users experience, while providing the best tracking insight. In almost real time visibility, we can see how users are engaging with our application and what links they are navigating to purchase. To get more qualitative feedback, we added a prompt to collect reviews. As we learn more, we hope to serve our mobile customers better.

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