Closing This Chapter and Opening A New One…

This morning I notified my teammates here at Seatwave that I was stepping out of the CEO role at the company and becoming non-exec chairman effective immediately.


Nearly seven years ago I began working on this project — to build a ticketing service that was based on the needs of consumers because the industry was so focused on serving box offices and event organisers.  I was fortunate enough that a great group of people chose to work with me and since 2006 they have built a great company in Seatwave.


Operationally, I am handing over my duties to Louise Mullock, our CMO, on an interim basis while I lead the search for my permanent successor.  Louise, Claire Martin and Matt Ephgrave are great leaders and I have total faith that they will continue to execute on the vision and values we set out when we started out in 2006.


I made this decision now as it’s the start of the year and I wanted the company to have the opportunity to start fresh in 2013 looking ahead rather than back.  I’ve had the best professional experience of my life these past 6.5 years and am so fortunate that I got to work – and fight in the trenches – with a superb group of people.  They are the heroes of Seatwave.  It was this team who chose to take the promises of our manifesto off the page and live by them and it is this team that deserves credit for whatever successes we’ve had.


The values we set out when we started: transparency, fairness and innovation guide our business today as much as they ever have and the team care deeply about the experience of every one of our customers.  For that, I feel incredibly lucky.


It’s time for me to turn the page both professionally and personally; I need to close this chapter in order to open the next one.  I make this decision knowing that the customers, partners and friends of Seatwave are in the great hands of folks who will carry on the mission and I won’t be too far away making sure they don’t stray from our core.


Finally, I want to say thanks to all of you who have supported and continue to support our efforts.  To those of you who recognise what we’re striving to accomplish.  Without your support we would not have made it out of the starting gate and I will be eternally grateful for the support you’ve provided over these past few years.


Remember “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog!”



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