Coldplay Tickets

Coldplay have marked the release of their 6th Studio album titled ‘Ghost Stories’ with the announcement of six low-key gigs across the globe. After thrilling audiences in New York and Paris, the boys play their home country with a return to the capital for one night only.

Glastonbury Festival - Day 3The concert promoters for Coldplay at the Royal Albert Hall on July 1st have applied lots of terms and conditions to tickets for the event, so we have provided this quick guide for anyone
wishing to either buy a Coldplay ticket or to sell a
Coldplay ticket that they will be unable to use on Seatwave.

Anyone buying tickets for Coldplay’s concert will have to collect their tickets from Seatwave at a location near the Royal Albert Hall. The exact venue for the collection point is still to be confirmed, but you will be informed in plenty of time.

In order to gain entry to the concert, all buyers will be accompanied by the seller. You will be called in advance of the event and given an allocated time entry slot for collection of your tickets. This may be anything up to 2 hours before the doors open at the Royal Albert Hall.

If selling tickets for the July 1st Coldplay show, all sellers listing tickets will be asked for proof of purchase from the original vendor prior to your tickets going live on our site. Sellers can only list a maximum of 1 ticket. If these points are not all followed then the listing will be removed and any sales may be cancelled.

To buy or sell tickets for Coldplay at the Royal Albert Hall on July 1st, please click here.

Seatwave on Watchdog

(From Ajay Chowdhury, Seatwave CEO)

In the past week, BBC’s Watchdog has undertaken an investigation into how the secondary ticketing market works. Watchdog’s findings will air in a segment on the show tonight and again in a second programme at the same time next week.

Watchdog approached us to take part in the programme and we were very happy to be involved. There are a number of misconceptions about the secondary ticketing market that we think are important to tackle.

Seatwave’s goal is to help fans get to the live events they love, by being able to buy and sell tickets in a safe and secure manner. Secondary ticketing with Seatwave means we don’t buy or sell tickets ourselves, we simply provide a platform to allow people to sell event tickets they no longer want or need, or buy tickets for events that are sold out.

Watchdog was concerned about whether the secondary ticketing market inflates the price of tickets. On Seatwave tickets can sell for above the original purchase price or, in many cases, for a much lower price, determined by consumers and what they want to pay and not by Seatwave. We believe that consumers should have the freedom to decide how much to sell their tickets for and consumers can decide whether they want to pay that price to buy a ticket or not.

It is worth noting that the secondary ticketing market makes up a very small percentage of the total number of tickets available to an event. For example, out of roughly 60,000 tickets available for Kate Bush’s concerts, only 200 were sold via Seatwave. We believe that if you bought a ticket to see Kate Bush in concert and found out that for whatever reason you could no longer go, it is only fair that you have the freedom to sell your ticket, because you won’t be able to get a refund from the concert organiser.

At the heart of the argument about the secondary ticketing market is a fundamental disagreement on whether consumers should be free to buy and sell tickets on their own terms. I do not believe that music or theatre tickets should be afforded special protection that does little more than restrict consumer choice.  For any other item that you buy it becomes yours and you can keep it or sell it if you want to, which I believe is fair.

I’m a music fan and I’ve paid over and under face value for tickets on Seatwave. Sometimes that’s the only way to get your hands on a ticket to a gig that has been sold out for months.  Similarly, on occasion when I’ve found out I can’t use a ticket anymore, I’ve managed to get my money back by selling the ticket via Seatwave – an option I wouldn’t have had if the secondary market did not exist. I, like many people, want to be able to buy and sell tickets in a safe manner where I know that I’m protected from fraud and I can clearly see how many tickets are available and what is a fair price. Companies like Seatwave provide this safety and transparency.

Watchdog also asked us about the safety and security available for Seatwave customers.  Seatwave operates the TicketIntegrity Guarantee – we ensure that in the rare instance there is a problem with a ticket, every customer receives a replacement ticket or a full refund – 100% of the time.  We also operate a number of very rigorous safety procedures in place that safeguard against ticket fraud. As a result, fraud has only occurred in 0.13% of ticket sales on Seatwave – covered every time by the TicketIntegrity Guarantee. Unfortunately there will always be people who try to beat the system and problems such as security around paperless tickets affect the whole events industry, not just secondary ticketing like Seatwave, but we make sure our customers don’t lose out – something we are proud of.

Announced This Week 15/1/2014

A quiet one this week lads and ladies, which may not seem very exciting, but it does give you the chance to save up for something big round the corner (this isn’t an announcement that something big is right round the corner, all we’re saying is that we feel it, like, in our loins).

As for what announcements we do have this week, we have the following;

Top British comedians Jon Richardson and Frank Turner have both announced a tour respectively. In true comedian fashion these tours are pretty sizeable, so whichever corner of this nation you reside in, you should have access to one of their scheduled venues.

As far as music is concerned, this week you have a choice between the Modfather himself Paul Weller and the nu-metal pioneers Korn. Paul Weller will be performing a series of live concerts at forest venues (yep, you read that right), and Korn have a one of show scheduled at Brixton Academy in London.

As always, tickets for these events and more can all be found at

Ed Sheeran Tickets On Sale This Week

We’re now over a week into 2014, and already we have a huge new tour announcement to get excited about. Young superstar Ed Sheeran has announced his next UK tour, which will kick off this October.

Ed Sheeran is no stranger to the live music scene, but this may be his biggest tours yet. With concerts scheduled for huge venues like the O2 Arena in London, LG Arena in Birmingham and Phone 4U Arena in Manchester, so you can expect the atmosphere at every performance on this tour to be explosive.


Fancy seeing Ed Sheeran on his latest tour? We’ve got you covered, click here for tickets.


You may have noticed something a little different about us; perhaps noticed our blog looking a little different. We’ve had ourselves somewhat of an online-haircut… as it were… Out with the old and in with the new; that’s what they say, right? And who are we to disagree with the ominous “they”? We’re not ashamed to admit that our former blog look was a bit bare, and so we thought it necessary to revamp things a little.

Between the blog going off to the image fairies for a brief period, and the festive season being so hectic, it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything new. So in keeping with the theme of change, we thought we’d share four artists who revamped their style.


Miley Cyrus

Arguably the biggest name in music right now, Miley Cyrus has certainly made her presence known both on and off the charts. Whether you love or hate Miley’s current, somewhat controversial escapades, there’s no denying that she has launched to super stardom as a result of her image and behaviour. It’s strange to think that we’re only really a few years removed from the innocent days of Hannah Montana.




Kings of Leon

KoL have been heading up the indie scene for over a decade now. If you travel back to the first half of the bands career so far you might not recognise what you see. It used to be that the Followill brothers sported the long hair and bids that were more at home at Woodstock. However, following the release of the band’s 2008 chart-topping album Only by the Night, KoL had themselves a bit of a spruce up. Suddenly the band were sexy (we’ll let you make your own Sex is on Fire pun here), with a look more suiting to their new found commercial success.



Plan B

Plan B saw some pretty early success with his gritty hip hop style, with tracks like No More Eatin’ and Mama (Loves a Crackhead) resonating well with fans. Acting roles in films like Adulthood further reinforced the gritty street image that he was portraying. The release of Plan B’s 2nd album The Defamation of Strickland Banks saw the rapper take his music down an entirely different route. Since first hitting the music scene Plan B was always associated with hip hop, but here he was releasing a soul album, and a good soul album at that.

This Week’s Onsales 4/12/2013

We’re getting pretty close to the end of the year now ladies and gents, and if you were hoping the year would close with a bang as far as concert announcements are concerned then you won’t be disappointed. As far as the numbers are concerned there may not be as many new on-sales this week as we have seen recently. However, it’s all about quality over quantity, and the quality doesn’t get much better than this.



Are you ready to hear what we have for you this week? Drum roll please… This week sees the on-sale for the 2014 tour of Robbie Williams. Few singers have conquered the globe a well as Robbie Williams has, and the legendary solo artist and former Take That member is set once again to entertain his countless fans throughout the UK. For a star as huge as Robbie Williams, only the most iconic venues are on the cards. Click here to get yourself some Robbie Williams tickets.





This week also sees the on-sale for girl band Little Mix. Their 2014 will be the biggest the girl group has had yet, and will see the girls performing live at large arenas like the O2 in London and the LG in Birmingham. Since winning X Factor in 2011, Little Mix have become one of the biggest girl groups in the UK. You can get tickets for Little Mix by clicking here.



If Robbie and Little Mix aren’t for you, there are also on-sales for James Taylor, Penn & Teller, Gabrielle and more. All of these on-sales, and more, can be found at our main site.

This Week’s Onsales 20/11/2013

If you thought that concert announcements and onsales had slowed down a bit the last few weeks, prepare to be shocked. The onsale line-up this week is pretty huge, and we’re not the sort to use terms like that lightly. Get your wallets ready people, because we’ve got something for everyone this week.

To kick things off we have pop superstar Katy Perry. The woman has a countless list of chart topping tracks, so you needn’t worry about getting bored with an unknown song at one ofher gigs. Katy Perry will be touring the UK arena scene in May, and you can find tickets here.

It doesn’t end there pop fans – this week also see’s the return of the Backstreet Boys to the UK. The 90’s boy band will be touring UK arenas in spring next year, and we know you’re just as excited as we are. Click here to get your hands on some Backstreet Boys tickets.

At the other end of the singing spectrum we have the fantastic Il Divo. It’s a little known fact that the singing foursome were formed by Simon Cowell. When it comes to pure singing talent it doesn’t get any better than Il Divo, click here for tickets.

If you prefer your music to be a little more “heavy” then we’ve got you covered. This week also sees the onsale for Nine Inch Nails’ next UK tour. Fronted by the iconic Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails are highly regarded as one of the best rock bands not only of modern times, but of all time. This is one tour you won’t want to miss. You can find Nine Inch Nails tickets here.

We’ve only listed the best of the best so far – there’s plenty more onsales to look forward to this week. Head on over to Seatwave for all your ticket needs.


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