Demand for The Stones Even Outstrips Hyperbole of Dailies

Several publications are running stories on the prices for The Rolling Stones tickets on seatwave and other ticket marketplaces.  These stories lead with high price figures that capture attention but often fail to deliver on the real story: that this Rolling Stones tour is generating a ton of interest well beyond what we’ve seen recently from other big name tours.

Tickets will go on general sale this Friday, although pre-sale tickets have been made available to American Express cardholders and members of the O2 Priority scheme.  The Daily Mail’s coverage, penned by stated ticket resale opponent Tara Evans, seems incredulous that anyone would pay £400 or more to see a band with a ‘combined age of 273 years’ but interest in the Stones is incredibly high as Google Trends demonstrates

This is consistent with the level of interest we’ve seen on seatwave with searches for The Rolling Stones far outstripping other events (Ed Sheeran is a distant #2) this week.  We’re in Take That, Stone Roses territory now.

We’ve also seen sales at a price distribution that is more normalised then the headlines from Musicweek which focuses on someone who priced some floor seats at £11 grand.  The chart below is from actual sales for the Monday, 25 November performance where the vast majority for sales have been for tickets selling below £500.

As of Monday evening, about 55% of the tickets listed on seatwave for the Stones’ shows were from professional ticket sellers, that is, businesses who invest their money in tickets in the hope that prices will increase – which in this case will certainly happen.   The remaining 45% of postings were from non professional sellers.  I contacted a couple of the non-pro sellers and asked them why they were selling tickets they’d just bought.  The answers were pretty consistent, most told me they wanted to see The Rolling Stones but if someone was willing to pay them twice what they paid then they’d be willing to watch the US concert on pay-per-view.  Seems fair enough.

Shakira to tour the UK this Autumn

The latin songstress, and Columbia’s biggest musical export in histor, Shakira is set to tour the UK later this year with her incredible mix of latin fusion pop songs. Having sold more than 50 million albums worldwide, and having had the biggest selling single of the century (so far) her success in unmatched, and her live performances are often legendary.

With performances planned in London, Glasgow, Manchester and Cardiff, including just one night at the world famous o2 arena, Shakira Tickets are set to be incredibly popular.

Hot off her success with the official theme tune to this years World Cup in south africa, Shakira’s wordwide appeal has never been stronger, so get set to shake them hips (that would never lie) and party all night to the sounds of this incredible artist!

Secret Garden Party Scores Cocker


Secret Garden Party line-up announced
Some people might say we’re a little Secret Garden Party festival biased in the audiotart offices. Screw it, we ARE. There’s a good reason for it too; our 2008 review said it all. The festival was by far (hands, feet and glitter down) the best festival of 2008. This year’s magical weekend looks to be more of the same. The line-up was announced this morning and the festival is sure to be a sell out. Part of us doesn’t want to tell you to buy tickets until all our mates have theirs. But first in best dressed (literally!). It’s going to be emotional. Just ask Jarvis… Read the rest of this entry »


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